Judge: Cosplay and Minney

Cosplay and Minney
Minney’s been cosplaying for close to a decade now after first attending a Naruto cosplay meet up in 2007. Since then, Minney has entered multiple cosplay contests and masquerades in varying countries using his physique as the main component of his costume. He’s an admin of the Kitacon fitness group which inspires people to live a healthy life style and give fellow geeks the courage they need to step into the gym armed with a good foundation of knowledge. Minney is a minimalist by nature, and would rather have a small selection of good costumes rather than many costumes of inferior quality. His minimalism is also reflected in his artwork which he sells on the online store www.geekprint.net. His advice to other cosplayers is to pick a character and “go all in, give it everything in your heart to bring it to life”.